Hostel/ Mess/ Bus fee as under

  • Hostel Fee Annually = Rs. 34,000/- (3 Bed)
  • Mess Fee Monthly = Rs. 3600/- (Per Student)
  • Bus Fee from Hostel to Institute (40 KM) = Rs. 12,000/- (Per Year)
  • Uniform/ Bag fee = Rs. 5000/- (One Time)

Mandatory documents for Hostel Accommodation

The following documents are mandatory for those availing Hostel Accommodation.

  • 1. Aadhar Card of the Hostelite
  • Aadhar Card of Parent
  • Email Id of Parent
  • Mobile Number of Parent. Landline Number if any
  • Name of Local Guardian.
  • Aadhar Card of Local Guardian
  • Email Id of Local Guardian
  • Mobile Number of Local Guardian. Landline Number if any.

Hostel Leave Application Form

  • Photocopy this page and fill in required information correctly. Signature of parent must match Institute records.
  • Mail the completed form only by courier/speed-post to “The Boys’/Girls’ Hostel Warden”
  • The letter must reach the Warden five working days before the required leave period.
  • In the interest of your ward’s safety, e-mail/fax/hand delivered letters are not acceptable.